Baby Lou Seed Potatoes
Baby Lou Seed Potatoes Baby Lou Seed Potatoes Baby Lou Seed Potatoes Baby Lou Seed Potatoes

Baby Lou Seed Potatoes

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Baby Lou potato. Needs a short description here


Baby Lou


Baby Lou is a maincrop variety perfectly suited for the production of baby potatoes. It provides high yields of firm cooking regular sized tubers (< 45 mm) due to its high tuber set.

Taste and culinary quality in general are excellent.

Baby Lou shows a strong performance against most potato diseases especially potato virus Y, bruising and common scab




Choose a place in the garden which has not been used to grow garlic, onions, shallots or leeks for at least two years. The soil should be open, well drained and not have been manured for at least one year.


Each potato should be 25cm from the next, with rows spaced 60cm apart. Always make sure the eyes are facing upwards. Drills should be 15cm deep.


Water well in dry spells.


Harvest June-July. Dig up mature potatoes and store them in a cool, dry and dark location. Potatoes can be stored for several months. Tip: when harvesting, remove all foliage and small potatoes from the soil and discard, to avoid diseases on next year’s crop.


Plant as soon as possible after purchase. Keep in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place until planting. Keep free from frost.

Grown from cultivated stock.