Hessian Sacks
Hessian Sacks

JBA Seed Potatoes® Hessian Sacks

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Hessian Sack


Top quality JBA branded hessian sacks.

These are what we use here at JBA, and they're of excellent quality.

Each sack can hold 25kg/56lbs of potatoes.

Harvested potatoes should be stored in these sacks and be kept in a cool,dark, frost free area. Hessian sacks, such as these, allow your potatoes to breathe and avoid sweating.

You must keep your harvested potatoes out of the light to avoid them turning green and inedible.

Sack dimensions

Height 33" or 84cm
Width 20" or 50cms


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These bags are great quality and are fantastic for safe storage of my potatoes once they are harvested.

6 Mar 2017

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