Hyacinth Bulbs

Discover high-quality hyacinth bulbs at Jamieson Brothers. Perfect for breathtaking March and April blooms. Enjoy reliable UK delivery and choose from a wide selection to beautify your garden.

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When to plant Hyacinth Bulbs:

For blossoms in March and April, sow hyacinth bulbs outdoors in early autumn. If you desire blooms by Christmas, plant prepared bulbs in September. This allows 10-12 weeks for optimal root and shoot growth.

How to plant Hyacinth Bulbs:

For successful hyacinth bulb planting, start in autumn. Choose a sunlit area with moist, free-draining soil. First, clear weeds and aerate compacted soil. Enrich with organic matter like well-rotted compost or manure. Plant bulbs roughly 10cm deep, spacing them about 8cm apart.