JBA Seed Potatoes: World Record Holders

History was made this week with a spudtastic display of potato varieties – a world beating 667 varieties in all.

JBA Seed Potatoes, in association with Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA), put together their record-breaking display at the 2013 Gardening Scotland exhibition in Edinburgh.

And with the largest display of potato varieties standing at 589, the record was easily smashed on the 27th of May – with the result being verified by Guinness World Records this week.

In total, there was 3535 spuds on display, all individually hand-washed and polished prior to the event, and arranged in individual containers. The display measured 24 x 48ft and took three days to set up.

JBA’s Iain Barbour said ‘This is a great day for potato lovers everywhere. We’re delighted to have taken the record and shown the public the breadth of variety available out there.

‘It took a lot of work to dig up this many varieties, but our hard work’s paid off – and we’ve still got another 70 varieties in reserve!’