Watery Wound Rot Potato Disease

Watery Wound Rot (aka leak) is an infection which starts on the surface of the tuber and heavily affects the interior, rotting away the tuber’s flesh.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Watery Wound Rot

External symptoms of watery wound rot in tubers include discoloured skin, which tends to become stretched around the point of infection.  Internal symptoms include wet, spongy tissue and cavities inside the tuber’s flesh.

Common Causes and Conditions of Watery Wound Rot

Watery wound rot infection occurs via the soil and is encouraged if tubers are lifted early during dry, hot weather.

Vulnerable / Immune Varieties

There are no potato varieties which show a particular resistance or vulnerability to watery wound rot.

Controlling Watery Wound Rot

Avoid lifting tubers prematurely during spells of hot, dry weather and take care to minimalise any mechanical damage.