Mixed Daffodil Bulbs

Our Mixed Daffodils are a popular and recognisable flower variety amongst UK gardeners. Daffodils are part of the Amaryllidaceae family, and are also known as Narcissus plants. The flowers are generally a vibrant yellow or cotton white, but are also available in pink and orange garden varieties. Daffodils have been used throughout history for their beautiful blooming flowers, medicinal purposes, and is also the national flower of Wales.

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When to plant Mixed Daffodil Bulbs (UK)

Daffodil planting season for Gardens is between the end of August to the end of November. The ideal month depends on soil temperature and general weather conditions. They will grow well in part shade or sun.

How to plant Mixed Daffodil Bulbs

Spread each bulb 4-6 inches apart from each other. Plant them 2-3 times as deep compared to the size of the bulb. Daffodil bulbs are known to rot easily, and therefore, you will require soil with good draining capabilities. Aside from using Multi-Purpose compost, the bulbs will also tolerate acidic, clay, loamy, and sandy soil. If the drainage of your soil is poor though, you can add a handful of horticultural grit or sand underneath each bulb.

How to store Mixed Daffodil Bulbs

Remove any debris or soil from the bulbs if retrieved from the soil. Store the bulbs in a ventilated container or bag. Afterwhich, store your bulbs in a cool and dry area, ideally away from light.