Vitax Yellow Sulphur 225g
Vitax Yellow Sulphur 225g

Vitax Yellow Sulphur 225g

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VItax Yellow Sulphur 225g


Vitax Yellow Sulphur 225g

Sulphur is an essential secondary nutrient for all plants. A vital component of many amino acids, it plays a crucial role in efficient protein production.

Yellow Sulphur serves as both a plant nutrient and soil acidifier, contributing to the growth of robust, healthy flowers, fruits, vines, and vegetables.

Yellow Sulphur offers several benefits, including:

  • Preventing yellowing of leaves
  • Reducing susceptibility to powdery mildew and black spot
  • Acting as a soil conditioner for acid-loving plants.
  • Due to increased pollution control, sulphur deposition has decreased, necessitating additional sulphur to maintain the health of plants and soils.

Sulphur deficiency manifests as yellowing between the veins and around the margins of the youngest leaves, thereby reducing a plant's resistance to various diseases.

Furthermore, Yellow Sulphur can be employed to counter the effects of hard water when cultivating plants in tubs or planters.

When used as a tonic or soil nutrient, it is essential to avoid applying Yellow Sulphur on red or white currant plants.

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