Vitax Scent Off Gel 600gm
Vitax Scent Off Gel 600gm

Vitax Scent Off Gel 600gm

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Vitax Scent Off Gel 600gm


Vitax Scent Off Gel

Teaching pets where they can and cannot foul in the garden can be quite challenging, but Stay Off Gel comes to the rescue as the perfect training aid for guiding your pet to use a designated toileting area.

The gel is ready to use and can be scattered across various locations like paths, patios, gardens, and crops, effectively encouraging cats and dogs to use specific areas for their toileting needs.

Stay Off Gel:

  • Emits a strong, perfumed odor that confuses animals' sense of smell
  • Serves as a training aid or for re-training purposes
  • Can be re-applied every five to seven days until the fouling habit is broken
  • Containing plant oils, it effectively directs cats and dogs to designated fouling areas. Dogs, being sensitive to smells, recognize a 'fouling area' by the traces of odors from a previous animal's visit. Cats exhibit similar habits.

By scattering Stay Off Gel in 'no-go' areas, it effectively masks the odour of previous visits. As a highly useful toilet training aid, Stay Off Gel is safe for use around children and other pets. Always read the label before applying.