Vitax Lawn Clear RTU 750ml + 33%
Vitax Lawn Clear RTU 750ml + 33%

Vitax Lawn Clear RTU 750ml + 33%

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Vitax Lawn Clear RTU 0.77L + 33%


Vitax Lawn Clear RTU


Lawn Clear RTU is a ready-to-use spray designed to effectively combat stubborn broad-leaved weeds while safeguarding your grass. Its fast-acting systemic action makes it an ideal solution for treating a wide spectrum of weeds, including plantain, creeping buttercup, white clover, common dandelion, and daisy. For optimal results, apply Lawn Clear RTU once a year during the period from April to September when the soil is moist and weeds are leafy and actively growing.

To apply, shake the bottle well before use and adjust the nozzle to achieve a spray that covers the target weeds thoroughly without causing run-off or drifting onto neighboring plants. Maintain a distance of approximately 30 cm above the weed, then pump the trigger firmly to distribute the product effectively.

Ensure that you do not mow the lawn three days before and three days after treatment to allow the product to work effectively. After applying Lawn Clear RTU, leave the clippings from the first mowing on the lawn, but compost the next three mowings for at least nine months before using them as mulch. Avoid disposing of grass clippings through council composting schemes.

Keep in mind that the maximum individual dose should not exceed 40 ml/m2, and only one application is permitted per season. It's important to note that Lawn Clear RTU does not prevent weed germination or future weed regrowth following its application.

While using Lawn Clear RTU, exercise caution as you would with any plant protection product. Additionally, refrain from using this product on newly established lawns that are less than a year old. By adhering to these instructions, you can maintain a weed-free and healthy lawn throughout the growing season.