Vitax 6X Fibrous chicken manure fertiliser 15kg
Vitax 6X Fibrous chicken manure fertiliser 15kg

Vitax 6X Fibrous chicken manure fertiliser 15kg

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6X Fibrous Chicken Fertiliser - 15Kg

Vitax 6X Fibrous chicken manure fertiliser 15kg

£14.99 £12.49


1 15Kg bag of 6X Fibrous Chicken Manure Multi Purpose Fertiliser - 15kg bag New Packaging 2019

6X The 100% Natural Fertiliser is everything you need for growing success all around the garden in one bag! Ideal for all flowers, shrubs, vegetables, lawns, outdoor pot plants, trees and roses. It is not a factory produced fertiliser: it is farmyard manure in its modern form (hence, will vary from batch to batch in texture, colour, density & aroma!). 6X boosts garden life and encourages the earthworm population. 6X is thoroughly composted, heat sterilised and milled to produce a weed and bug free, loose texture which is pleasant and easy to use.


Sprinkle 70-100 g/m2 (2-3 oz/sq yd), brush in well and water. Do this occasionally through the growing season to give your lawn a rich green sward.


A good liberal dressing of 140-200 g/m2 (4-6 oz per square yard) applied in the Autumn will help heavy clay by adding humus, and light soil to retain moisture, putting goodness back into the soil.


Prepare seed bed and sprinkle 35 g/m2 (1 oz per square yard), rake well in. When seeds are well established a further sprinkling can be applied as needed, to continue vigorous growth.


One part 6X to 25 parts peat or loam mixed well in, will give plants vigorous root systems for strong healthy growth.


Rake in 140-170 g/m2 (4-5 oz per square yard) two weeks prior to planting. This will give plants a rich food bank to continue vigorous growth.


Sow or plant in a mixture of compost with two teaspoonsful of 6X per 10cm (4”) pot and water well in. Established plants require occasional feeds to enhance growth.


A liberal spreading of 140-170 g/m2 (4-5 oz per square yard), throughout the growing season as required, prior to rain or water well in.


Spread 200 g/m2 (6 oz per square yard) between layers of garden or kitchen waste to activate heat, thus providing a rich compost.


Soaking a punctured bag full of 6X in water greenhouse plants and for treating a larger area than using the manure in its dry form. The remaining sludge is also suitable for spreading on the soil as a mulch.


As per seed sowing, prepare bed or border with a sprinkling of 35 g/m2 (1 oz per square yard), rake or fork well in. A further sprinkling around the base of plants occasionally through the growing season will give abundant growth.


Use two or three handfuls to each rosebush when planting, one or two handfuls for established bushes when the buds begin to swell and again before the second flush of blooms.


6X has no added lime making it suitable for lime haters. It can be mixed with peat and spread around established plants.

6X The 100% Natural Fertiliser provides humus – vital for healthy plant growth and although it contains no additives whatsoever, it is six to eight times richer than old fashioned farmyard manure and has trace elements – so essential for healthy plants. 6X The 100% Natural Fertiliser feeds the soil rather than the plant. The rate of application, therefore, depends on your soil. Any amount will have a positive effect. Within reason, it is virtually impossible to add too much. Be sure to mix 6X thoroughly with the soil and avoid contact between unmixed manure and young delicate plants as, in common with any high nitrogen feed, it will be too rich. This could initially set back very young plants if not properly mixed and watered in. Plants only obtain their nourishment via their roots and therefore ALWAYS WATER WELL AFTER APPLICATION.

Never apply lime and 6X at the same time. Allow at least three weeks and some wet weather after applying the lime.

COVERAGE The application rates quoted are for use as a rough guide. For general digging, feeding and ground preparation, one sack will treat about 75 sq. metres of ground (90 sq. yds). For lawns allow about 184 sq. metres (220 sq. yds) per sack.

PRECAUTIONS 6X can be stored from one season to the next, but if storing for later use, protect bags. Partially used bags should be closed tightly and store in a cool dry place. As with all garden products, sensible precautions should be taken: use gloves, wash hands after use, wash vegetables before eating, etc. Store only in the original bag and keep tightly closed and in a safe place. Safely dispose of the bag when empty. It is made of recyclable polythene.

Analysis Compound Fertiliser containing organic material 3 2.5 2 UK Total Nitrogen (N) 3% Total Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) 2.5% (1.1% P) Of which, soluble in water 2.2% (1.0% P) Total Potassium Oxide (K2O) 2% (1.6% K)

Low Nutrient Fertiliser containing organic material 3 1.1 1.6 IRL Total Nitrogen (N) 3% Phosphorus (P) soluble in water 2.2% (1.0% P) Soluble in mineral acids only 2.5% (1.1% P) Total Potassium (K) 1.6%