Vitax Organic Potato Fertiliser
Vitax Organic Potato Fertiliser Vitax Organic Potato Fertiliser

Vitax Organic Potato Fertiliser

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Vitax Potato Fertiliser

Vitax Organic Potato Fertiliser

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Vitax Organic Potato Fertiliser - 10kg tub

Potato fertilisation relies on a balanced approach, prioritising fertilisers high in potassium and phosphorus, with less emphasis on nitrogen. Using a fertiliser with this balance ensures healthier growth and better yield. It's important to apply fertiliser both at planting and midway through the growing season. However, caution is needed to avoid over-fertilisation, as it can negatively impact crop yield and plant health

Suitable for use with potato barrels and other planters, Organic Potato Fertiliser can also be used for other vegetable crops.

Organic Potato Fertiliser:

  • Organic
  • Promotes bumper potato harvests
  • Provides a slow release of nutrients

  • For direct planting, Organic Potato Fertiliser is best used before planting between February and April on vacant plots. Simply apply as instructed and lightly fork into the soil.

    If using potato barrels or other planters, seeds can be grown in any container larger than 30cm wide and 30cm deep. Good drainage is essential.

    Once planted and covered with a good multipurpose compost or a soil based compost such as John Innes No.2 Compost, fill to the rim with additional compost that is mixed with Organic Potato Fertiliser.

    Containers should be placed in a sunny position and watered during the summer months.

    100% organic formula

    Boost healthy growth and increase harvest

    Also suitable for other root vegetables

    Encourage a bumper crop of fleshy potatoes with this carefully balanced organic fertiliser.

    Formulated to promote sustained growth of potato tubers, it will also boost growth and yield of other root crops. Contains nitrogen, 2.5% phosphorus and 8% potash.

    Simply apply as a top dressing at the time of planting. Suitable for use with potato barrels and other planters.