Java Seed Potatoes
Java Seed Potatoes Java Seed Potatoes

JBA Seed Potatoes Java Seed Potatoes

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Grow your own tasty Java potatoes with our 2KG pack!


Looking to grow your own delicious, homegrown potatoes? Look no further than our Java Seed Potatoes - 2KG from JBA Seed Potatoes. This 2kg pack of Main Crop Java seed potatoes is the perfect choice for anyone looking to cultivate their own crop of tasty spuds.

These Java seed potatoes are a renowned variety known for their colour, and offer a versatile range of uses in the kitchen. Java potatoes are a solid choice for any potato enthusiast.

Our Java Seed Potatoes come in a 2kg pack, perfect for planting in gardens, allotments, or open fields.

Before planting, we recommend "chitting" the potatoes - allowing them to sprout for 6 weeks beforehand. Once sprouted, it's time to plant and look forward to a delicious harvest.

So why wait? Order your Java Seed Potatoes now and get ready to enjoy a bountiful crop of homegrown potatoes. Start your potato-growing journey with JBA Seed Potatoes today!