Vitax Plant Guard - 750ml spray RTU
Vitax Plant Guard - 750ml spray RTU

Vitax Plant Guard - 750ml spray RTU

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Vitax Plant Guard - 750ml spray bottle

Natural Protection from Bugs & Diseases

Ideal for use in organic gardens or by environmentally-conscious gardeners

Protects from Aphids, Spider Mites & Mildew

For Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables

Ready to Use 750ML Trigger Spray


Vitax Plant Guard - ready to use

For use in organic gardens, Plant Guard Organic offers natural protection against bugs and diseases without the need for chemical ingredients. 

Plant Guard Organic creates a barrier that prevents spore germination, remove bugs and prevent them laying eggs without preventing photosynthesis. The spray also includes micronised seaweed to support healthy plant growth.


USE: May -September

To use, apply Organic Plant Guard in a fine spray that covers both the upper and lower leaf. Apply every five to seven days when beginning treatment, then at monthly intervals. 


CHILDREN AND PET SAFETY: Children and pets may be allowed into treated areas when leaf surfaces are dry. Plant Guard is not classified as hazardous. It contains finely ground seaweed suspended in natural plant and fish oils, soy lecithin, emulsifier and thickener. For allergens see ingredients in bold.