Vitax Buxus Feed - 1kg pouch Vitax Buxus Feed - 1kg pouch Vitax Buxus Feed - 1kg pouch
Vitax Buxus Feed - 1kg pouch

Vitax Vitax Buxus Feed - 1kg pouch

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Buxus Feed - 1kg Pouch

Buxus Feed is part of Vitax new specialist fertiliser and feed range, and developed specifically for Buxus growers. A staple for most gardens, Buxus can be used as a structure, in pots or hedges, and is a popular choice for patio planters.

Buxus is vulnerable to box blight, nutrient deficiency and bugs, however Buxus Feed contains vital plant foods and trace elements required for good establishment and strong heathy growth of Buxus. Buxus is best planted in autumn or spring, and depending on where a Buxus is being planted, Buxus Feed can be used to line the bottom of a trench before planting or used as a top dressing when planting has been established.

For best results apply during dry conditions, Buxus Feed can also be used safely as a top dressing on other tree, shrub and conifer species, but is not suitable for Ericaceous plants.


Essential nutrients to green up leaf colour

Extended nitrogen release to sustain growth

Dense and healthy growth


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