Nicola Seed Potatoes
Nicola Seed Potatoes Nicola Seed Potatoes Nicola Seed Potatoes Nicola Seed Potatoes Nicola Seed Potatoes

JBA Seed Potatoes Nicola Seed Potatoes

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Nicola seed potatoes produce a long, oval shaped tuber.



Renowned for their distinctive oval shape, Nicola seed potatoes yield golden-skinned tubers with creamy, waxy flesh, excellent for boiling and salads. These potatoes are resilient against diseases such as common scab and potato viruses Y and leaf roll. Favoured for late planting, they're typically ready to harvest 15-22 weeks post-planting, a popular choice for festive Christmas periods.



Ideal soil conditions for growing potatoes are sandy loam soils which can be enriched with lots of organic matter to aid water retention and provide suitable feeding for you potatoes.

Heavy clay soils can be improved by adding sharp sand and lots of organic matter in the autumn of the year so that the new soil mixture can be exposed to frost which will help break up the soil structure and make it easier to work with.

If you are unable to get organic matter you can add compost to the area you wish to plant your potatoes in.


Each potato should be 35cm from the next, with rows spaced 70cm apart. Always make sure the eyes are facing upwards. Drills should be 15cm deep.


Water well in dry spells.


Harvest June-July. Dig up mature potatoes and store them in a cool, dry and dark location. Potatoes can be stored for several months. Tip: when harvesting, remove all foliage and small potatoes from the soil and discard, to avoid diseases on next year’s crop.


Plant as soon as possible after purchase. Keep in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place until planting. Keep free from frost.

Grown from cultivated stock.