Manor Phantom Stove fan 2 blades
Manor Phantom Stove fan 2 blades Manor Phantom Stove fan 2 blades Manor Phantom Stove fan 2 blades

Manor Manor Phantom Stove fan 2 blades

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Manor Phantom Stove fan 2 blades

£39.99 £33.32


Manor Phantom Stove Fan

How it works- As the base of the fan heats up, the metal in the bottom of the unit warms along with a heat sensitive spring. Meanwhile, the temperature of the different metals in the unit's top surface is kept down by the fans cooling fins. When the heat sensitive spring reaches a sufficient temperature it tilts the unit forward, bringing the two layers of metal together. This creates the electrical pulse that turns the blade on the fan. The greater the differential in temperature of the metals, the greater the electrical output, meaning that your fan turns faster the more the stove (and therefore the base of the fan) heats up. The stove fan does not use batteries or mains power.

Where should I place the Fan? Placement of the fan is critical to optimum performance. It should be positioned at the rear of the stove. This allows heat to be absorbed into the base and upwards, whilst ensuring that the cooling fins can draw cold air from above. It is this combination of hot and cold on the thermo conductor that triggers the reaction required to generate the electricity that rotates the fan. The fan should not be placed at the front of the stove or near the stovepipe as there is insufficient cold air in these areas.UsageThe stove fan is designed for usage on freestanding stoves with a normal surface temperature of between 205 degrees and 345 degrees Celsius. Temperatures above this range may damage the fan and the electricity generating units and invalidate your warranty. Good stove safety practice includes the use of a stove thermometer.


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