Hyacinth Blue (3bulb) - Gift Box Hyacinth Blue (3bulb) - Gift Box
Hyacinth Blue (3bulb) - Gift Box

De Ree De Ree Hyacinth Blue (3bulb) - Gift Box

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Hyacinth Blue Gift Box - 3 bulb


Blue Hyacinth (3 bulb) Gift Box

Hyacinth Bulbs Blue - Boxed Gift

Working with our supplier we have brought you the ideal bulbs for your Christmas Blooms

3 Bulbs Size 15/16

Plant, water and store in a cool, dark place (about 10°C) until the end of November.  Then bring them into full light and you can force them into flower in 3 weeks for Christmas.  Plant them in the garden after flowering inside.  Wear gloves when handling hyacinth bulbs as they may irritate the skin. 

Ideal Christmas Gift

CAUTION: Ornamental bulbs are not edible and can cause skin irritation


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