Jamieson Brothers Compost Activator 25kg
Jamieson Brothers Compost Activator 25kg

Jamieson Brothers Compost Activator 25kg

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Jamieson Brothers Compost Activator 25kg

£26.99 £22.49


Compost Activator 25kg - JBA

Powdered compost activator which will reduce garden and non cooked kitchen waste to a valuable crumbly garden compost ready to use for mulching or digging in.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Open Compost Heaps Build a circular or rectangular heap 1 metre (3 feet) wide in the normal fashion. Add a 15 cm (6 inch) layer of material to be composted (grass cuttings, weeds, soft hedge clippings, etc) then sprinkle on 60 g (approximately 2 oz) of Compost Activator. Continue to build the heap adding further Compost Maker for each 15 cm layer of compost material. While open heaps will compost successfully, Compost Activator works best if the heap is kept warm and moist by covering the top with a polythene sheet.

Compost Bins and Plastic Sacks Fill the compost bin or plastic sack with the material to be composted mixing in 120 g (4 oz) of Compost Activator whilst filling. Speeds up the breakdown of organic garden and kitchen waste Specially formulated compost accelerator

WHAT TO EXPECT Compost Activator will accelerate the natural decomposition process. In summer this may take as little as 6 weeks. With tougher plant material or inwinter, the process may take 6 months or more. When finished the compost will be a crumbly, friable mixture ideal for use organic content, improving soil workability and natural fertility. NOTE: 60 g (about 2 oz) is approximately equal to one handful