Yellow Trumpet (King Alfred) Daffodil Bulbs

Yellow Trumpet Daffodils are recognised as the classical, most popular daffodil variety. They were also known to go by the name of 'King Alfred's.' These daffodils exhibit a vibrant yellow petal formation, whilst growing up to 40 cm in height.

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How do you plant Yellow Trumpet Daffodils?

Spread each bulb 4-6 inches apart from each other. Plant them 2-3 times as deep compared to the size of the bulb. Daffodil bulbs are known to rot easily, and therefore, you will require soil with good draining capabilities. Aside from using Multi-Purpose compost, the bulbs will also tolerate acidic, clay, loamy, and sandy soil. If the drainage of your soil is poor though, you can add a handful of horticultural grit or sand underneath each bulb.

How long do Yellow Trumpets take to bloom?

This time can vary widely depending on various factors, such as planting time, environment and weather conditions. In normal circumstances however, this period can range from 6 to 8 weeks.

Do Yellow Trumpet Daffodils rebloom?

Yellow Trumpet Daffodils can rebloom each year as long as their looked after by receiving the proper nutrition, aftercare, and kept in the correct conditions.