2 Potato Planter Bags
2 Potato Planter Bags 2 Potato Planter Bags 2 Potato Planter Bags 2 Potato Planter Bags 2 Potato Planter Bags 2 Potato Planter Bags

JBA Seed Potatoes 2 Potato Planter Bags

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Potato Planter Bags


Jamieson Brothers Potato Planter Bags suitable for growing all Vegetables all year round 18"x12"x12"

These high quality potato planter bags are ideal for the keen gardener who is short on space or who wants to grow potatoes out of season on their patio or other suitable places.

You can grow bumper crops of potatoes in these handy 45 litre potato planters, and simply pick your crop as and when you need them.

These bags are re-usable due to their strength and quality, The new bag also retains 90% more water than the old design..

Compost and potatoes not provided with the potato planter bags.


Use a container that will hold hold arould 40 litres to grow a good crop of potatoes from 3-5 seed poattaoes. Make sure your container has adequate drainage holes in the bottom. Do not use garden soil, buy a good general purpose compost.

Add a layer of 15cm / 6 inches of your compost to the bottom of the container. Place your seeds potatoes with the eyes upwards about 5cm / 2 inches into the compost.

Your potatoes will require water and fertiliser. The key to growing potatoes is the correct amount of water, not too much at first but once they are 16 inches high they should be kept moist.

Potatoes grow upwards so cover your potatoes with more compost as the weeks go by and your crops get bigger. This will stop the crop turning green, thus rendering the potatoes inedible.

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